Session Topics

Techniques, Training and Practicer

  • Strength and Structure of Yoga Techniques
    ​and Asana
  • The Powerful Movement of Breath of Life
  • Mandalas, Chakras and Asana
  •  Ayurvedic and Yoga 

Yoga Philosophy, Life Styles, Ethics (YPLE)

  • The Journey of a Yogi:YPLE
  • Transformational Life Coaching for Yogic Lifestyle

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Anatomy for Yoga
  • The Vital Psoas Muscle Connection to Body/Mind/Spirit

Teaching Methodology 

  •  Identifying Differences into a Inclusive Practice


  • The Teacher Within Stepping Forward 
  • Developing each Asana with mastery / purposefulness on the yoga mat 

Business Management Ethics: 

  • Creating a vision for successful business practice

Certification Ceremony

  •  Personalized Mantra for Yoga Teacher


How it works

The first 10 weeks of the program allow you to work within your own environment with the convenience and flexibly of your own schedule. Weekly 2hr. webinars with lead educator give you a chance to discuss session topics and prepare you for weekly assignments, while accruing contact hours. To sanction your learning, a full submersion 3 day retreat (taking place in Phoenix, Az) provides you with the final tools needed to begin your own practice!

How to Enroll 

Simply fill out BBEST Global ​Yoga Academy registration form and email application to Submit your $150 registration fees through Paypal and once approved join us in our Global Growth Goals! 

Learning Objectives 


Objective 1

The student will explore and make applicable in practice asana and structural positions; Yoga History, Philosophy, Disciplines and Benefits; students will compare and contrast ancient scriptures/sutras

Objective 2

The student will engage in the scientific and mystical teaching through investigating the various energetic fields - the Divine Order and Energy Body Mapping: Pranayamas, Vayus, Koshas, Chakras, 8 Royal Pathways of the Tree of Life

Objective 3

Sounds:  The Sacred Universal Language OM Sanctification and ancient teachings; Develop Mantras, Meditations and Visual Intentions; students will learn the importance of reflections of Teaching Voice and develop guided meditation

Objective 4

The student will develop a practical working ‘plan of action’ to teach with inclusivity students with unique and/or special needs; learn to observe and apply appropriate yoga with Healing Art of Therapeutic Applications

Objective 5

The student will create goals to manifest Business Management /Professional Transformational Coaching for Successful Teachers, Yoga Insurance requirements, waivers, YA registration