Gina Tricamo E-500 RYT, YACEP, MTLC  

Master Yoga Teacher certified with Yoga Alliance since 2005

In addition to leading traditional yoga classes, Gina is certified with Warriors At Ease working with military & first responders and Prison Yoga Project/Insight Yoga Project working with the incarcerated and those transitioning back into the community. She has developed a solid practice that is inclusive and inviting to all communities. For more information on Gina visit the about me page on this website. 

  • Yoga for Chronic Pain (including cancer, heart conditions, arthritic, diabetes, fibromyalgia) 
  • Yoga for Athletes After Injury
  • Warrior At Ease Yoga for PTSD, MST, TBI, and LL 
  • Yoga for the Incarcerated

 “In this ‘Union of Yoga’ there is liberty; a deliverance from the oppression of pain. This yoga must be followed by faith with a strong and 
​  courageous heart.”
 -The Bhagavad Gita

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Type of Yoga Practice:

  • Hatha Yoga 
  • Yoga Flow Level 1 & 2
  • Gentle Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga and Specialty Yoga Therapies

Specialty Yoga includes working with:

  • Positive Choices through Yoga and Meditation for
    At-Risk Youth
  • Yoga Fun for Enhanced Needs Autistic Youth
  • Yoga for Addicts
  • Yoga for HIV/Aids

Classroom options

Please contact me for all Yoga class arrangements and payments. 

  • ​Private One-on-One yoga therapy coaching session  $75

  • Partner Yoga $45 per partner

  • Group of 4 or more (8 student capacity)  
    $20 each or pkg of 8 sessions purchase $18 each

  • Workshops/Seminars/Special Events
    maximum of 10 participants​